Things to do after a new website: configure xmlsitemap

1. The first thing, one need to install the following two modules

2. There are so much confiration for the two xmlsitemap module, one needs to go to configure:
"type of node",
"main menues",
"taxonomic terms"
to INCLUDE the sitemap, otherwise, no sitemap generated.

What is the current situation of the IBC Net?
All IBC Internet/Intranet are developed and maintained by me. IBC main websites are updated by volunteers (currently, Ven. Jointu, one Thai student and one Chinese student). Here are details:

IBC Internet Server at US (hosted by Exabytes)
IBC English site:
IBC Chinese site:
IBC Thai site:
IBC eLearning site:

IBC Alumni site:
IBC Kindergarten site: (three languages)

IBC Library site: (English and Chinese/Thai)
IBC Document Management Site:

Our Campus Server/Intranet
IBC eLibrary Sites: (In Sadao, a new Dell server)
eLibrary main site (Korat Campus access only): (5 years server, still OK)

How should the IBC Net look like in the future (2-3 years).
If you have any ideas, you can write down. And we can submit to Ven. Wei Wu and Ven. Zhen Chan.

1. My understanding for IBC future IT direction: put all effort on IBC eLearning, so that we can get some income for IBC.
2. Expanding e-Library. Make all textbooks available in PDF (good quality and easy to use in computer).
3. For IBC Library, we may need to subscribe some Buddhist Research Journals (ebook).
4. Catalog IBC library books (I think over hundreds books without cataloging), maintain old books.
5. If there are visiting professors, we need to record their lectures and edit the video/audio for IBC eLearning.
6. Help IBC Office staff to secure their data. Store one copy to IBC DMS (
7. We will make one database to store all IBC students data on-line.
8. IBC will use open source software (OSS). We encourage all staff and students use OSS. IBC IT staff should be able to help staff and students to use OSS.

IBC Korat center will build a new building and we will move our Library to the second floor.(??? need confirm from Ven. Zhen Chan)
After our Library move to the second floor. We will buy RFID reader for library.

Actually, you are the very first person officially assigned to IT section by IBC. In this meeting, we also need to define your roles in future. For now, I need you help IBC eLibrary, Library and IBC main website ( When I was not at Korat campus, you are able to solve problems (e.g. internet connection, maintain server.