Indian Buddhism

A survey with Bibliographical Notes
Nakamura, Hajime
Motilal Banarsidass
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This work presents a survey of Indian Buddhism with detailed bibliographical notes. Basing itself on recent studies, it is intended to introduce studies in various aspects of Indian Buddhism carried on by Japanese scholars as well as Western and Asian, especially Indian, scholars. The main text constitutes a general survey of the development of Indian Buddhism, and studies by scholars past and present are mentioned in full detail in copious footnotes with due evaluations.

Professor Hajime Nakamura, D. Litt., Honorary D. Litt., Deshikottama (Visva-Bharati) is a distinguished scholar of international repute. He was Professor of Indian and Buddhist Philosophy at the University of Tokyo for thirty years. Since his retirement he has been conducting the Eastern Institute, as the Founder Director. He is now Professor Emeritus of University of Tokyo, a member of the Academy of Japan, and was awarded the Order of Merit by the Emperor.