IT Admin

ssh software in MS Windows to access IBC server

1. Download Portable Winscp

2. Just unzip and move it to your D drive or any folder you can easily access. For example,

3. Open the portable application and enter the following info:
ssh address:
port 2222
user name:

How to recover a user password in Ubuntu
Press shift key to reboot Grub menu
and choose recover mode.

IBC PTC Campus Wireless Router settings

Campus WiFi for students to access

Academic Block 1st Floor
WiFi name: IBC-10
password: sati*****
Channel 6

Academic Block 2nd Floor
WiFi name: IBC-12
Channel 2

Academic Block 3rd Floor
WiFi name: IBC-13
password: sati*****
Channel 6

Male Staff Dorm
WiFi name: IBC-5
Channel 1
pass: ib*****

Female Dorm
WiFi name: IBC-8
Channel 8

Old Library Building (Students Dining Room)
WiFi name: IBC-3
pass: ib*****
Channel 3

html5 and mp4 video files

mp4 (m4v) is supported by most devices (iphone) and browsers (firefox, chrome, IE 9 and Opera).

Video Convert Programs


Handbrake is the best program in Linux to convert mp4 files.

To support mp4 files converting in Ubuntu, one needs to install ffmpeg and libavcodec-extra-53

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
sudo apt-get install libavcodec-extra-53

To make chromium (Ubuntu) to support mp4, you need to install:
sudo apt-get install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra