A Collection of Ven. Prof. Dhammajoti's Works on Indian Meditation

KL Dhammajoti
Centre for Buddhist Studies
Publish Place: 
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Publish Year: 
Vol VI, 2008

There are four articles:

“The Sixteen-mode Mindfulness of Breathing.” Journal of Buddhist Studies ( 2008, Colombo), vol. VI. 251-288.

“The doctrine of the six-stage mindfulness of breathing.” In Dhammajoti, KL and Karunadasa, Y (Eds.), Buddhist and Pali studies: in honour of the Venerable Professor Kakkapalliye Anuruddha, p. 639-650. Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong, 2009.

“The aśubhā Meditation in the Sarvāstivāda.” Journal of Buddhist Studies ( 2009, Colombo), vol. VII. 248-295.

"The Sarvastivada Doctrine of Adhimukti: Its role in meditative praxis and its contribution to the doctrine of Vijnaptimatrata." In Khammai Dhammasami and Charles Willemen (Eds.) Buddhist Meditation: Texts, Tradition and Practice. Mumbai: Somaiya Publications Pvt. Ltd. 2012. pp. 171-180.

"Prajñā-vimukta, ubhayatobhāga-vimukta and vimokṣāvaraṇa: The Sarvāstivāda perspective." In KL Dhammajoti (Eds.) Buddhist Meditative Praxis: Traditional Teachings & Modern Applications. Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong, 2015. pp. 25-49.