Workshop on Research 2017

9am-11am, March 17, 2017, IBC research office conducted a research methodology workshop by Dr. Fra Qing on how to use computer to do research on Buddhist studies.

The following two weeks, IBC research center also conducted two classes for graduate students on how to use computer to input Pali and Sanskrit and how to use MAL style to format a document.

Word Processor for Thesis
1. Three Free Word Processor
If you do not have MS Word, you can choose the following free Office.
1. Libreoffice (ODF, DOC, DOCX)
2. Apache Openoffice (ODF, DOC, DOCX)
3. WPS office (DOC, DOCX)
2. MS Word 2007 or 2013

How to deal with a long documents
Rule 1 - Use Style
such as Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, Normal, body.
Rule 2 - Never use menu to style documents.
Do not choose fonts, font size, color, bold, center-alignment, etc. from word menu.
Exception: the cover page.
Rule 3 – Use one type of fonts
(Usually, one type of font has 4 styles in Windows: Italic, bold etc.)

Use short key for style in MS word
Heading 1: Ctrl + alt +1
Heading 1: Ctrl + alt +2
Heading 1: Ctrl + alt +3
Footnotes: Ctrl+alt+f

How to type Romanized Sanskrit and Pali in MS Word?

For Romanized Pali and Sanskrit diacritic letters, we recommend you use Unicode fonts -- Time New Roman (in Windows 7+).

Step 1: From Word menu, choose “Insert”,
from submenu, select “Symbol” ( Make sure Time New Roman is show in the Normal style )

Step 2: assign shortcut Key for each Pali character

Recommended short keys:
Alt key + a =ā
Alt key + A=Ā
Alt key + w=ś
Alt key + W=Ś
Alt key + s=ṣ
Alt key + S=Ṣ
Alt key + m=ṃ
Alt key + k=ṁ
Alt key + j=ñ
Alt key + J=Ñ
Alt key + g=ṅ
Alt key + n=ṇ
Alt key + i=ī
Alt key + u=ū
Alt key + t=ṭ
Alt key + r=ṛ
Alt key + h=ḥ
Alt key + d=ḍ
Alt key + l=ḷ

Other methods:
How to type pali in MS Windwos:

Download other research articles at:
Prof.Tilak Kariyawasam, "Buddhist Research and Guidelines to Proceed in a Research"
Prof. Kapila Abhayawansa, "Research and Methodology in Buddhist Perspectives"
Professor Charles Willemen, "Methodology of Buddhist Texts Translation"
Prof. G.A. Somaratne, "Pali Textual Criticism: Methodology for Editing Pali Texts"