My story among Kids

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By: Regina Chakma

I am extremely grateful to IBC and feel myself very lucky to have such a great trip to Malaysia. Today, not everyone has a chance to go trip because of their busy life. Trip could not be successful without my teachers, friends and our preparation. Since it was first international trip, I never ever thought that my good deeds will take me to such beautiful place or have an opportunity to meet amazing citizens of Malaysia of different generations. Exploring and being with kids at Penang and Kuala Lumpur for ten days made me feel heaven on earth. Therefore, I was always scared the ten days in heaven would fade away but I realized that the life I created is my history and nature of the world.

Being with kids is my passion and mingling with them is my happiness. I was amazed to meet them because even a three years kid could be very strong, smart, adorable, amusing and interesting. It was out of my imagination. The most amazing part was that they made me feel like a real teacher as they were enthusiastic in learning new things. They made me feel just like those fairy tales in real life. I thought it was because of my good deeds that met in this life. My purpose was not only to teach the kids but to learn from them. I know kids are the purest beings on earth and I always love to be with those purest beings. Being born as Buddhist I constantly attempt to keep myself pure and peaceful. Nowadays, we witness how the world is polluted with killing, terrorism and war. Some even kill their own parents for own benefit and some for their livelihood. In present days, everybody is engaged in temporary material happiness which is impermanent.

I think everyone has his or her choice for happiness. But, my preference for happiness will be on kids. Being a daughter of a school teacher and always thought of doing different and better job than my dad but those adorable kids made me feel that my father job is the best on earth. Usually, I spent my vacation with kids of my childhood school and it always happen because of my Master who encourage me to serve the kids. At the very beginning I have never been to see my childhood hostel but my master constantly called and asked whether I have gone to see my younger sisters in the hostel. My answer was the same “no.” One night I was having fun with friends in University where I got a call from my master and got a healthy scold. from that moment I thought of spending my next two-month vacation in the girls’ hostel.

Middle of 2016, what I thought, did luckily, got chance to take care of 3 to 6 years kid. They are also same like other kids around the world; they have no feelings of discrimination, caste, and religion etc. I spent 2 months with them teaching, playing, enjoying, having fun, learning and felt they are the real friends of mine. People everywhere ask me how I manage to be so kind with kids, I think they already knew who will be their true friend because kids love being with kid. I feel becoming kid is not easy for some but some are born to become kid again to be with kids. When we are with them the bond is so strong that our mind connects each other, in this way we enjoy everything together.

Coming to the point, when I was at Klang the interesting thing I saw was young generation were so advance in managing things, community works, and their friendly nature. They also reminded me of my childhood days and friends of my hostel. We used to enjoy our team work and always had excuses to skip chanting with by working overtime and waited our chanting to finish; but both boys and girls in Klang were amazing that they did not make any excuse to be absent from chanting even after working hard. Frankly speaking, since the age of nine I have been to Buddhist Missionary institution until I passed my secondary school. We did chanting morning and evening and every Sunday we had dhamma discourses from Bhantes and we had to recite a verse from Dhammapada along with the story. In this way, I had a chance to learn Buddha’s teaching which inspired me to pursue my Buddhist Studies.

It is my good kamma to be associated with such a beautiful Buddhist family in IBC and in Malaysia as well. I always feel special to be born in Buddhist family because my non-Buddhist friends do not understand the way we Buddhists understand the reality of the world. Seeing young Buddhist Students in Klang always amazed me for their skills in organizing Buddhist camp for children and managing such great event. In fact, I feel fortunate to tell that this educational trip really has given me golden opportunity to learn new ideas and new experiences.

The children moral camp for 3 days at Than Hsiang Temple was my first participation in life which was very interesting and knowledgeable camp where I saw the true relation between parents and children, their love, care and gratefulness. This kind of camp is really needed in today’s world, particularly, my hometown. We are being Buddhists but due to lack of Buddhist education our practices is much influenced by Hindu and Christian practices. We are forgetting the value of Buddhism day by day. Certainly, this kind of camp will be helpful and beneficial to our Buddhists in vast majority.

Over all, I am extremely happy to participate this educational trip to Malaysia and thankful to everyone who helped and supported for this successful and enhancing trip.

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