An Unforgettable Experience

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by: Asha Chakma

First of all, I wish to thanks International Buddhist College (IBC) for making our trip a wonderful experience. In particular, I wish to thank Ven. Zhen Ti and Ven. Zhen Yuan for their recommendations to tour around Malaysia. It was a great opportunity for our group to get a chance to share our time with children in a meaningful way. We had the greatest time of our lives, where we were well looked after throughout our trip. This experience has taught me to realize how lucky I am to have amazing teachers.

During our visit to Kuala Lumpur, we got an opportunity to capture our moments on photographs. I was so excited that I talked a lot, sang, and had so much fun during the entire trip. One of the most memorable experiences I had was the two-day Moral Camp. Children were adorable. I was impressed by their independence. They wash their dishes etc. on their own. They kept their place neat, and they were well disciplined. They were polite, friendly and had good command over English. We taught them modern art, paper craft and games. They were so interested and excited to learn the new things. It was a memorable moment for me to be able to share my knowledge with the young and bright children. Besides spending time with the children, we also visited Petronas Twin Towers. What I learnt from the place is that happiness is beyond vanities of life.

Later we went to Klang, where we participated in cleaning and got opportunity to take part in modern art. This taught me about how to live together in harmony. I remember one little boy asked me about Indian tradition and in return he taught me few Chinese words. His innocence and the bright conversation gave me a new lease of happiness.

I was also mesmerized by the historical places at Penang. The places I admire the most was Khoo Kongsi and street art of Georgetown. I was also thrilled to come across little India.

I will cherish this memory forever!

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