My Educational Trip Experience

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Ven. Nishan,
IBC BA 1st year student

I am thankful to International Buddhist College (IBC) for giving me the opportunity to visit Malaysia. I particularly would like to thank Ven. Zhen Ti, Ven. Zhen Yuan and Bhante Aggadhamma. I feel very lucky to be in Malaysia.  This visit has taught me many lessons. I am going to share my experiences about the Malaysian trip here.

It was my first trip to Malaysia. I went to Penang, Malaysia on Dec. 8. I stayed in a meditation center for 7 days. There I met famous meditator Ven. Thubten Chondron. She led a Dhamma retreat for 2 days. She also went to Than Hsiang temple on Dec. 10 to give a Dhamma talk.
On Dec 15, I went to Than Hsiang temple to attend the First IBC International Young Buddhist Scholars Conference. I am very happy to participate in this conference. I have never participated in any conference like this before.

My best journey was to visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I stayed there for 2 days with kindergarten students. I learned many things from them and want to share a few points below;

1. Discipline.
Though kindergarten students are children but they are intelligent and peaceful and much better than adults at maintaining discipline. I noticed they put back things at the same place from where they took and they wash their own plates after taking meal. Their good manners really inspired me.

2. Speaking in front of many people.
I never introduced myself in front of many people. Introducing myself in front of children, boosted my confidence to speak in front of public. Now I think I am ready to speak in front of many people.

3. Modern Art.
I want to thank Bhante Aggadhamma for teaching me how to do modern art. Bhante Aggadhamma told me it's very simple to do modern art. So, I did whatever Bhante told me. I was very surprised to see the outcome. Pictures looked very beautiful. Even though I did not know much about the modern art but when I showed to the children they were very happy to do the modern art as well.

4. Paper Crafts.
To teach about the paper crafts to the children, first I learned many things from Youtube on how to make crafts by using paper. From here I learnt how to prepare myself about new things from other sources to share with others.

5. Leadership.
I became leader in my group. There were only 6 people in my group. Though I became leader for a few hours, it taught me that it is not easy to become a leader. We must show good examples as a leader. As a team leader we must be mindful whatever things we do as other team members are following us.

6. Speaking English.
I had the good opportunity to learn English from children. They are very good in English even though they are children. Their English is far better than me.

7. Learn how to draw a portrait.
I don't know how to draw a portrait but I learned from Valerie, who is very good at drawing.

Lastly, I want to say this trip was amazing. It's unforgettable. I am very thankful to brother Stanzin who spent most of his time taking photos. Also, I am very thankful to all group members. Overall, I am very lucky to be part of this trip.