My Second Visit to Malaysia 6th to 24th December, 2017

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By: Rin Phyrun

After completing final examination of first semester of MA 2nd year on December 01, 2017 at the International Buddhist College (IBC), we got holiday for three weeks. During holiday my friends namely, Ven. Chinh, Ven. Singkham, Ven. Chan & Ven. Silar from Laos, Ven. Dody (Dao Yuan) from Indonesia, Ven. Anh from Vietnam, Ven. San Pisith and I from Cambodia had good opportunity to participate in children moral camp in Pajam and in the IBC International Young Buddhist Scholars Conference in Penang, Malaysia. During our visit and getting involved with all these activities, I learnt many new things and got some new ideas how to improve my study etc that I want to share with you all now.

Our trip was from 6th to 24th December, 2017. Before the trip, we had a short discussion with Ven. Zhen Yuan on how to prepare ourselves for the trip and to deal with the camp in Pajam. It was Ven. Zhen Ji who kindly prepared food and drinks for us to take during our journey to Pajam. She even sent us to the train station at Padang Besar. When we arrived at Pajam, sister Pau Chu warmly welcomed us and the students greeted us with beautiful welcoming song and three types of station games. Even though we were tired after the long traveling, however, we did not feel tired anymore and felt very happy after being received by Sis, Pau Chu and students very warmly.

The next morning after breakfast, we had a session on self introduction. Then we discussed with Sis. Pau Chu about the camp activities and Dharma talk for children. After the discussion we all agreed to share the topic related to respect. As sister Pau Chu shared during discussion that nowadays children lack training and education on how to respect elders, teachers and others at home and school. Therefore, it was a good time and opportunity for us to fill in this gap by adding in training on respect in the camp and finally we decided camp topic would be “How to Respect” which was divided into following ways;

1. How to respect Buddha by Ven. San Pisith
2. How to respect the environment by Ven. Anh Troung
3. How to respect friends by Ven. Chan
4. How to respect our parents and teachers by Ven. Silar
5. How to respect the elder by Ven. Chinh
6. How to respect the Triple Gem by Ven. Rin Phyrun
7. Ven. Dody (Doa Yuan), will be helping Sis. Pau Chu to prepare food for everyone
8. Ven. Singkham will help on the magazine and video part.

As the date of our children camp in Pajam and IBC First International Young Buddhist Scholars Conference at Than Hsiang Temple, Penang was on the same day, so we prepared our teaching materials in advance for camp and trained our assistants in advance so that they could lead the children accordingly when we are at Penang for the conference.
In such condition and situation I’ve learnt new knowledge on leadership, advance preparation, train the new generation as the future leader etc.

During the trip I have improved my English skills as well and I have much confidence and an open mind now to speak or share anything in English. On the other hand, I also learnt from these children as they are able to live independently in the center and do the house chores such as wake up early in the morning, washing and cleaning up after eating, keeping the center neat and tidy and so on by themselves. This made me realize that our daily community work is as important as learning in the classes in our self growing experience. I am proud of everyone like my trip planners, organizers, supporters, all my group members, all the students and participants in the camp and conference for what they have done for us and the whole trip was like learning and sharing together with each other like a big family. Thank you everyone for coming into my life. I love you all.