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Miss Usha Chakma (M.A 1)

According to modern Gregorian calendar, the New Year is the first day of the month of JANUARY as well as the first day of the year. The starting of New Year means different hopes for all of us. New Year’s festival is popular in the world. The New Year celebration is a great thing. It is a good chance for everybody to come together. Personally, I think that it is the time to have fun with family, friends and relatives. It is a grand opportunity to embrace the mood of togetherness in festivity and spread same warm greeting to each other.

Every year, all people passionately wait for incoming New Year celebration. Everyone accept New Year celebration as a worldwide event. In my country, Bangladesh, we also celebrate New Year grand way. Though, we do not celebrate unlike other foreign countries as it is not our traditional festival. However, we do celebrate the day in our own sentiment reconciling with the rest of the world.

This 2018 New Year celebration event is very special for me which is an unforgettable New Year celebration in my life because this is my first New Year celebration in IBC. Here, I celebrated the day as an opportunity to learn something new and also to make a positive change in my life from the past year’s mistakes and observed the day to bring Good Luck as well as success in the upcoming year. I really enjoyed the way IBC celebrates the new year which is colorful and heart touching as well.

Consequently, I was very excited before the New Year celebration program. Two days before, we went out for our New Year celebration’s shopping. From that day I perceived a festive mood in my mind. I bought my New Year’s gift for our gift exchange event. Finally, the expected day had come for which I had been waiting. In this celebration the Gift exchange is one of the exceptional activities for me. Because I never attended this kind of program. In the past I gave presents to my friends, family members and relatives. But this time I bought gift but I did not know who would get it. Even, I also did not know from whom I would get the gift. Therefore, this is very special moment for me. I achieved new experience from this remarkable activity.

Another joyous moment was the Blessing Speech from Ven. Anandajoti Bhante, sharing speech from Ven. Dr. Zhen Yuan and our respected professors. We were fortunate to get opportunity to learn something new from their vast knowledge and experiences.
Moreover, we students arranged this New Year Eve with zeal and enthusiasm by preparing various activities such as fun games and singing. I never ever sang a song in front of public but this time I tried my best to sing. At first, definitely, I was shy, but as I got the support and encouragement from the colorful audience I really enjoyed singing.
Undoubtedly, I really had a great time on this 31st night which added an unfading memory in my life. Sincerely, from depth of my heart I thank IBC students’ club for organizing this memorable program.