Sport Games: “Walk for Fun”

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Reported by IBC Student Club, Secretary, Au Kar Wei.
IBC Student Club held a sport game which is walking competition on Sunday, 14 January 2018. The activity was organized for all female students as well as our lecturers and professors. The theme of this activity is “Walk for Fun: make healthy, make fun and make it easy”.
After having a welcome speech at 5:00pm, we invited our female warden, Ven. Dr. Zhen Yuan to give an opening speech. Venerable mentioned that the purpose of this competition is to encourage the students to be interested and enjoyable in playing sport games. Sport is played as a game in order to physically and mentally take care of people/players’ health. In the other words, the benefits that you gain from walking exercise are not only being fitter, more beautiful, and more confident but also balancing and flexing our movement, having a better sleep at night, as well as developing better memory, reasoning and cognitive ability. After the activity, we may feel fresh, happy and energetic likewise develop friendships with our fellows.
Before starting the competition, we announced some rules and regulations which mention that all the participants have to complete 10 laps, 1km within 30 minutes and participates only can walk. For those who run will be disqualified. Our IBC Student Club president, Ven. Aggadharmma was our referee of the sport games.  
This game had twelve participates to compete for three top prizes along with consolation prizes for those who can complete the goal. The consolation prizes winners were given to Prof. Jamspal, Prof. Tilak, Ven. Dr. Dhammanandi, Dr. Krishna, Ven. Dr. Zhen Yuan, Ven. Hai Yin, Ven. Anh, Sister Regina and Sister Asha. The third winner was Sister Usha, the second winner was Ven. Heng Zhen and the champion was Ven. Zhong Han.  
After having taking the group photo, we sat together and had the small party with our delicious food and beverage. At the same time, we were also enjoy in Sri Lanka song that was sang by Prof. Tilak, “Praise to Amitabha Buddha” that was chanted by Ven. Heng Zhen, Ven. Hai Yin and Kar Wei; cultural and folk songs that were sang by Ven. Zhong Han, Sister Usha, Sister Regina and Sister Asha. Before ending the event, Prof. Tilak sang a Buddha song to bless us.  
Participating in the game, we learnt and earned a lot from one another, especially, Prof Jamspal who couldn’t walk fast like the youth but together with Ven. Dr. Zhen Yuan tried to finish all the laps together. We recognized that doesn’t matter how strong we are, we always can complete our tasks with vigorous spirit and efforts. Although we can learn this lesson from books but we only can experience the message and apply into our life during such kind of this activity.  The activity ended at 6.30pm.