The Short Experience on my Vacation

Main Photo: 

Ven Chinh


On 6th December 2017 morning together with my friends from International Buddhist College (IBC) Sadao, in Thailand we left to Pajam, Malaysia. We took the train from Padang Besar to Seremban it was about 7 hours when we reach Pajam. Immediately, I got a big surprise upon our arrival to Pajam center; we were received by a welcome song and three interesting gift of games. The first game was to blow the Ping Pong Ball across the water cups in seven steps. The second game was a guessing game which tested our attention and concentration. We pay respect and offered candles to the Buddha prepared by sister Chu Pau Chu, Caryn Low and Aun Yi Lee. Finally, we go to the room that they have prepared for us.

The next morning we have breakfast altogether with children; we introduced ourselves and our getting to know each other was broke out. After breakfast we went for a walk the wind was cooling, the sun shine was warm; I think it was a suitable place for me to stay. We visited the nearby Hindu Temple too. I like the weather and atmosphere much that made my eyes bright like bird’s eyes.


  From 7th to 9th December 2017, I’ve been doing my research on the topic of “How to Respect the Elders”. The purpose is to share with the children. While doing the research I’ve learnt more on the meaning of the term of respect and practice it into our daily life, because it made me easier to understand the important to respect each other. For example: I will talk about the elderly in the society who had been undergoing all kinds of hard working (effort) to earn a living for us, this included our grandparents, hence we should respect them in our daily life. I’ve also learnt how to respect to the elders or teachers too. And respecting each other could made us live together peacefully and happily.


 I was very grateful to have this opportunity to share Dhamma to children and volunteers. Furthermore, I‘d learnt how to make doggie puppy with towel taught by sister Chew from Seremban.  Thou, it look simple, but it is a bit hard for me to do it in a short period of time.
During my stay, I learnt some basic methods on drawing portrait that taught by Valerie Tan. After the lesson, now I am much interested in drawing, because drawing can help me to concentration and focus on my mind; I am more patient and clam now. In the lesson, she gave me a lot of encouragement and said: “do not scare to make mistake because everyone is not perfect”, I loved this sentence because it can truly help me to remove my negative thought. Eventually, I understood how much important of art in Buddhist practising such as developing mindfulness, loving-kindness and concentration as well.

On 16th I’ve an opportunity to participate in The International Young Buddhist Scholars Conference in Penang at Wisma Than Hsiang. It was an eyes opener to me to see how scholars presented their research work to public. Among all the topics, “Can a female laity be the leader and spiritual teacher of a monastic community?” attracted my eye as I’ve been seeing many lay person can teach and give Dhamma talk successfully in this modern world of today.