Climate Change and its (Buddhist) Solutions by Miao Lin

After the great Buddha’s nirvana, his eulogy was not spread fully to every corner of the world. People were indulged into ignorance, hatred, and greed, his pure land of our mother earth was slightly polluted then and heavily polluted now and will be further intensively polluted, especially after the 18th century industrially revolution. Ever since excessive co2 and other waste of solids and liquids were emitted to the earth crust, sea water and air.

Greenhouse effects do happens as scientific research led by UN’S IPCC (international panel of climate change), proved and approved by big data analysis of thousands of years of climate change history. If nowadays temperature raise up 2 degrees centigrade, this is what people call “the tipping point.” That’s the point of no return and human being can no longer interfere any more. And when this does happen, the glaciers of the north and south pole, Greenland or the Himalayas and Andes might be melting as well sea level will rise up to 70 meters. Lots of land and cities and civilization will be submerged under sea water, like Atlantis or Bermuda prehistory miracles… Epidemic disease might plague all the continents. Forest fire, famine, super typhoon or flooding might as well endanger all spices of animals…

So what we Buddhists or any one in the world could and should do to escape this possible devastating episode of human destiny? That’s a big question and big question needs big solutions. Big solutions need in-depth thinking and careful operation.

The so-called green revolution might be a good application. And this approach starts from the root causes of green house gas emission and other pollutants. We should design the products from cradle-to–cradle, not cradle –to-grave, which means that we eco-design the products and minimize the use of raw materials and thus minimize the waste and pollution.

We citizens or inhabitants of our only mother earth should adopt what Buddha told us, to be thrift, modest and considerate to others. No matter human beings or animals or earth, air, water, do not take everything to be granted and pursuing big houses, suvs, i-phones and visible material existences, which most of the times are excessive and unnecessary block our ways of incarnation and reincarnations. In what the Buddha put it: “The sunyata (emptiness) nature of all things is neither created nor annihilated; either impure nor pure; and neither increasing nor decreasing.” According to modern law of conservation of energy, or the first law of thermodynamics, energy is neither destroyed nor created during their transformations. What we get from or discharged to the earth, were totally stored around us, usually in the forms of degraded wastes. Governments should focus on sustainable balancing economical, environmental policies, and not just GDP centralized or oriented, so that we can live in a better world.