Celebrating ‘Happy New Year’ with share and care

The last day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, December 31, is one of the largest worldwide celebrated days symbolizing ‘New Year’s Eve.’ has been organized in International Buddhist College with great deal of excitement, greetings, caring and sharing among the members in our community. As the day comes only once a year there has been a sort of glamour in the air and every one of us gets excited for this day. We have discovered ourselves in a very buzzing excitement all around IBC, being together with community members in preparing foods, decorating the place for celebration and making a lot of fun among ourselves. There has been a special part in the event named ‘Gift Exchange’ which added a new dimension to this momentous day as exchanging gift in the New Year’s Eve is symbolic as well as functional way of sharing love, greetings, and blessings among our friends and community members. By all means, we have had a great memorable day through the celebration.

At 6:45 pm the event has been started with welcoming our main guest venerable, professors, teachers and staffs. After that we took refuge to the triple gems as well as had chanting session in three traditions consequently, Theravada Mahayana and Vajrayana tradition. After that, we have had welcoming speech by professors and venerable Anandajoti. Our professors shared very good advice with us. Professors expressed their hope on the upcoming year would be better than the year that we have already passed. They advised us, we shall try to make ourselves a little better, we shall not do things that make us and others unhappy, we shall develop the power of gratitude by ‘thanks giving’ by celebrating our mutual empathy and loving kindness, by taking care of others, by sharing with others what they really need in order to have a better outcome and change. We shall grab some people we love and celebrate the hope of the future because we could make the upcoming days a little brighter. Venerable Anandajoti has shared a precious speech on how we would develop ourselves, our mind with mindfulness on every day’s activities by cultivation of goodness and meditation. He also added that this day is a very good opportunity to make decision on what we want to achieve, what we can really do for that and improve ourselves in the coming year. He has also recommended us: every night we shall pay close attention and look back to the activities performed in the whole day on where we have went wrong and where we have went right. After that we shall make a determination to go on the right way in the next day and not to go to the wrong direction and if we could do this in every day reflection, we would see a very big change in our own behavior and attitude. We shall wish best for everybody tonight who have gathered here for celebrating this day. Venerable added again that if we have a well-directed mind and we can see our own performed karma, by this way every people would be able to work out for their own and for other’s wellbeing. Therefore, shall we hope that we could make change?

After the welcoming speech we started our gift exchanging which make our wishes of every individual appear to be in a very active form of gift with blessing.

We have also arranged some games in this celebration in order to make it more exciting. For lay people we arranged catwalk / fashion show, lemon game as well as other activities. Finally we cut cake at 00:01 am. That was the very beginning of 2019.

‘‘We are having this bright year,

To live each day with cultivation of goodness,
To live each day with feeling gratitude for every opportunities that we have,
To live each day with taking care of others and sharing our moral values,
To live each day with cultivating wholesome deeds,
To live each day with enthusiasm and motivation that lead us to the ultimate goal’’

Reported by Ven. Ayon