A remarkable celebration of New Year 2019

Reported by Ven Niloy Barua

A Happy New Year began with love and prosperity in IBC. Every year IBC celebrates New Year together with students, professors, staffs and guests. In this year, IBC students club also arranged the New Year Celebration on 31st December to welcome the upcoming Happy New Year 2019. The committee members decided to organize some activities on the day namely: preparing delicious food in the lunch, gift exchange and few enjoyable games at night for the commemoration of event. It was the most memorable moments for me as a B.A first year student.

To begin with, the ceremony started by 7’o clock. All the students, professors, staffs and guests gathered at the big Ksitigarbha classroom which was decorated very beautifully. The program commenced presenting welcome speech by Venerable Rony, the emcee of the program. As the program required, He requested to recite chanting from the three Buddhist traditions such as Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana in order to wish world peace, happiness, prosperity, harmony and good health for everyone for the forthcoming New Year.

Thereafter, Ms. Dalipru Marma cordially invited the most Ven. Anandajoti Bhikkhu for the blessing speech. Besides, IBC eminent professors as well as Ajhan Narong wished our successful life in the coming New Year with encouragement speech. Then, Ven. Rony gave thanks to them for their nice deliverance and handover the program to Ven. Chinh to continue the next section.

Next Ven. Chinh assistant with Ven. Winaya Dhaja led the gift exchange program inviting the most Ven. Anandajoti Bhikkhu to pick up a number and by giving present to a student. Thus, everyone exchanged their gifts happily with each other. Such joyous ceremony I have participated for the first time in IBC. After there was lottery for the lucky draws with lucky gifts. The winners of the activity were Ven. Jibok, Ven. Panyasith Khamyeang, Ms. Dalipru and Su mon kyaw.

Subsequently, we had some amusing games directed by Ven. Winaya Dhaja. Ms. Asha and Ms. Su mon anug won the prizes in these activities. One more interesting activity was arranged by committee named “Lemon game”. All the participants proceeded on cutting 10-pound cake on the occasion of the New Year 2019 at 12.01 a.m. Finally, the chief committee member thanked to all participants for being with them and together with all went to courtyard to welcome The New Year.

The event ended around 12.30 together with 60 participants including IBC family and Thai guests. Overall, it was a very pleasant New Year celebration that I have experienced ever.