New Year Gift Exchange Ceremony 2019

Reporter: Ven. Rony Barua

Report: “Sharing is Caring": New Year Gift Exchange Ceremony 2019 the “New Year Gift Exchange” ceremony was held on 31 Dec, 2018 from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am at the International Buddhist College compound. The NYGE ceremony was organized by IBC Student Club. The main purpose of organizing such kind of event was to bring whole IBC family in one place. As we know sharing is caring so this kind of event is also very important to create a good friendly relationship among professors, staff and students. There we all exchanged our gifts to each other but most importantly it was an opportunity to exchange our happiness in a greater way. Most of the IBC staff, professors, lecturers and students participated in the NYGE ceremony.

The ceremony began at 7:00 pm with the welcoming speech delivered by Ven. Rony Barua. Then Venerable Anandajoti Bhikkhu, Prof. Tilak, Prof. Kapila and Prof. Jamspal delivered their inspiring speeches and gave many valuable advices for the good of the students of IBC. Prof. Jamspal emphasized on the importance of learning languages in his short but auspicious speech. At 7:30 pm we had chanting from three Buddhist traditions respectively Theravāda, Vajrayāna and Mahāyāna led by Ven. Ajahn Maha Narong, Ven. Penjor and Ven. Zhen Yuan. Later on we transferred merits for the well-being of all deceased and living sentient beings. The gift exchange ceremony started at 8:00 pm led by Ven. Chinh. The first lottery was picked up by Ven. Anandajoti Bhikkhu and continued till the last lottery was picked up by Ms. Regina Chakma at 9:00 pm.

The gift exchange part was the most interesting and pleasant part of the ceremony. Foods and drinks were served by the committee members to all the participants. The lay students of IBC organized a cultural program after the gifts exchange ceremony. Prof. Tilak, Ms Dalipru Maram, Ms Usha and Ms Su Mon Aung sang some very melodious songs in their own languages. All the lay students took part in the cultural program in various ways. Then we also played some games like eating lemon, musical chair and putting hat on the head with music. All the lay students participated in the games.

At 11:59:50 pm we started countdown and welcomed New Year 2019 with fun and delights. At 12:00 am we cut the New Year cake and wished Happy New Year to each other. Actually, the NYGE ceremony was quite challenging and finally it was a successful event. All the committee members worked tirelessly to make it successful and delightful. I hope in the future we will have many more events like this where we can share our happiness to each other and which will help us to create a very friendly, harmonious and peaceful community life among us.