Student Club

  1. Climate Change and its (Buddhist) Solutions by Miao Lin

    After the great Buddha’s nirvana, his eulogy was not spread fully to every corner of the world. People were indulged into ignorance, hatred, and greed, his pure land of our mother earth was slightly polluted then and heavily polluted now and will be further intensively polluted, especially after the 18th century industrially revolution. Ever since excessive co2 and other waste of solids and liquids were emitted to the earth crust, sea water and air.

  2. Sport Games: “Walk for Fun”

    Reported by IBC Student Club, Secretary, Au Kar Wei.
    IBC Student Club held a sport game which is walking competition on Sunday, 14 January 2018. The activity was organized for all female students as well as our lecturers and professors. The theme of this activity is “Walk for Fun: make healthy, make fun and make it easy”.


    Miss Usha Chakma (M.A 1)

    According to modern Gregorian calendar, the New Year is the first day of the month of JANUARY as well as the first day of the year. The starting of New Year means different hopes for all of us. New Year’s festival is popular in the world. The New Year celebration is a great thing. It is a good chance for everybody to come together. Personally, I think that it is the time to have fun with family, friends and relatives. It is a grand opportunity to embrace the mood of togetherness in festivity and spread same warm greeting to each other.

  4. My Educational Trip Experience

    Ven. Nishan,
    IBC BA 1st year student

    I am thankful to International Buddhist College (IBC) for giving me the opportunity to visit Malaysia. I particularly would like to thank Ven. Zhen Ti, Ven. Zhen Yuan and Bhante Aggadhamma. I feel very lucky to be in Malaysia.  This visit has taught me many lessons. I am going to share my experiences about the Malaysian trip here.

  5. My First Experience of Presenting Research Paper at The International Conference in Penang, Malaysia

    By: Ven San Pisith

    It is a great honor for me to have an advantaged privilege to join the First International Young Buddhist Scholars Conference (IYBSC) which was organized by the International Buddhist College and sponsored by Than Hsiang Foundation in Malaysia. I have never thought that I would be able to share my paper in the field of Buddhist studies with other Buddhist scholars coming from several countries like this before. It is a great experience and an unforgettable memory in my life.

  6. My first visit to Malaysia

    Shared by: Mr. Jaroon Chaibao
    (PhD. 1st Year Student)

    There is one proverb saying “Traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books”. It’s true indeed. From December 14 to 25, 2017, I had been in Malaysia. It was my first trip there, so I was quite excited. I gained a lot of experiences and sweet memories during my trip in Malaysia.

  7. An Unforgettable Experience

    by: Asha Chakma

    First of all, I wish to thanks International Buddhist College (IBC) for making our trip a wonderful experience. In particular, I wish to thank Ven. Zhen Ti and Ven. Zhen Yuan for their recommendations to tour around Malaysia. It was a great opportunity for our group to get a chance to share our time with children in a meaningful way. We had the greatest time of our lives, where we were well looked after throughout our trip. This experience has taught me to realize how lucky I am to have amazing teachers.